Making a Difference by Creating Change for the Good of All!


Through dedication to our corporate social responsibility for Development we enliven imagination, innovation within and networking with people outside Agric International Ltd, to encourage and simplify work. Thence, we avail ready-skills, experiences and provide specialist keys that unlock people‚Äôs potentials to tackle essential academic, economic,  social and environmental issues. Also, we are committed to increasing and improving the potentials of our individual staff, customers, and partners to work together with us, for the good of all.

Thus, Making a Difference by Creating Change for the Good of All, is what we are; this imposes upon us the Social Corporate Responsibility for Development whereby Agric International Ltd. pays the Highest Respect for the individual customers, groups and the communities that we serve; thereby, making people our priority, over Business or Profit!

Focused Change: Development

 Development of Stakeholder-Communities

Agric International Ltd employs Development Scientists with unparalleled worldwide knowledge, skills & experiences. We facilitate Development Programmes, Development Projects and Encourage/Promote Development Initiatives of Agricultural Nations and Stakeholder-Communities, worldwide. We also continue to solicit, encourage and link Direct Foreign Investments (DFIs), Agricultural skilled Personnel, Resources & Equipments with Stakeholder- Communities,  partners, groups and key customers.


 Services other, that we Provide for Development

Agric International Ltd prides professional knowledge not only to provide [1] Development Programmes, Development Projects and promote Development Initiatives; but also [2] Eco-friendly, Sustainable Environmental Services and Products through Nano Technology Innovation; [3] Health and Hygiene Advice Services through Mental Health Training and Support; [4] Forever Living knowledge and Products (Aloe Vera).


Goods that we Supply, to speed-up and enhance Development

We supply Agricultural Machinery and related Equipments; Farm Tractors, Ploughs, Planters, Seeders, Irrigation, Weeding and Spraying Equipments, Harvesters, Food Transport and Storage Facilities; Rice, Wheat and Corn Milling Machines, Peanut Butter Grinding Machines, Food and Fruit Processing Machines; Farm-House Construction Equipments, Tools and Materials;   Brick-making Machines; Power Stations, Wind Mills and Solar Panels; Animal Dipping Equipments; Milking and Milk Processing Machines; Butter, Ghee and Milk other products Machines; Beef Making and Packing Machinery; Small and Medium-scale Animal and Crop Product-based Industries.

Agric International Ltd Considers Manpower Development, a Means to Promote Human Development

Agric International Ltd considers Manpower [staff ] as our indispensable wheels for change; we therefore, encourage our staff to work diligently by employing the best practices within their comfortable working environment, culture, terms and conditions that help to manufacture imagination and corporate innovation. Agric International Ltd treats Customers as Priority above our business.