Africa  is the world's second largest and second most populous continent, after Asia. At about 30.2 million kmĀ² (11.7 million sq mi) including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of the Earth's total surface area and 20.4% of the total land area.With 1.0 billion people in 65 territories (including 54 recognized states), it accounts for about 14.72% of the world's human population.

Africa has over 3,000 protected areas, with 198 marine protected areas, 50 biosphere reserves and 80 wetland-reserves. Significant habitat destruction, increases in human population and poaching are reducing Africa's biological diversity. But, there is abundant Arable Land that Africa can use effectively for Production.


The lion is a symbol of strength, courage, nobility, determination, pride, protection, authority, and conquest.


African Agriculture needs serious Mechanisation and Industrial Processing of its Farm Products, within. Agric International Ltd. is obliged-determined to supply Agricultural Machinery, Farm Tractors, Equipments, Small-Medium sized Industries of any kind and all types, resourcing from around the globe, for Africa. In return, we purchase the Raw Materials for our export from Africa, at very competetive Market price to enable Individuals, Corporate organisations and Government, simply afford the desired Agricultural Mechnisation and Industrialisation of their respective communities.

The Services and Goods that Agric International Ltd. Provides

We supply Agricultural Machinery and related Equipments; Farm Tractors, Ploughs, Planters, Seeders, Irrigation, Weeding and Spraying Equipments, Harvesters, Food Transport and Storage Facilities; Rice, Wheat and Corn Milling Machines, Peanut Butter Grinding Machines, Food and Fruit Processing Machines; Farm-House Construction Equipments, Tools and Materials;   Brick-making Machines; Power Stations, Wind Mills and Solar Panels; Animal Dipping Equipments; Milking and Milk Processing Machines; Butter, Ghee and Milk other product- Machines; Beef Making and Packing Machinery; Small and Medium-scale Animal and Crop Product-based Industries. We Export Raw Materials from Africa.

Competent Individuals within Agric International Ltd having professional knowledge do not only provide Development Programmes, Development Projects and promote Development Initiatives; but, also Eco-friendly, Sustainable Environmental Services and Products through Nano Technology Innovation; Health and Hygiene Advice Services through provision of Forever Living knowledge and Products (Aloe Vera).

African Foods are plentiful and varied. Rich in dietary fiber and often organic, they present a healthy choice when eaten in the right combination. But, Agric International Ltd. advises that Africa takes bold steps; to Mechanise Agriculture for Bumper Commercial Production and also industrialise processing of Farm Products for Sustainability, in the 21st Century.

African Music in a vast continent and its regions and nations have distinct musical traditions. The music of North Africa for the most part has a different history from sub-Saharan African musical traditions and of the African diaspora; also, African-American music and many Caribbean genres like soca, calypso and zouk. Latin American music genres like the flamenco, samba, rumba, salsa; and other clave (rhythm)-based genres, were founded to varying degrees on the music of African slaves, which has in turn influenced African popular music. African Music Celebrate Agricultural Bumper Harvests.